We are an innovative company focused on growing superior quality flowers and plants.

11th largest wholesale nursery grower in the nation
Network of nearly 30 family farmers based primarily in Maryland
Almost 300 full-time and part-time employees
Plants travel less than 300 miles to retail, reducing emissions


Sustainability Leader

Sustainability Leader

Certified Sustainably Grown products meet the highest standards of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Producers of Certified Sustainably Grown crops work diligently to provide a safe and healthy work environment, support farm communities, and protect vital environmental resources such as clean air, clean water, and wildlife habitat, while reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

World-Class Service


Bell Nursery’s merchandising team works closely with The Home Depot management and associates to ensure positive customer response and satisfaction through proper inventory management, plant care and eye-catching, easy-to-shop presentations

Our dynamic retail sales and operations team is made of moms, students and former professionals ranging from Veterans to nurses, accountants to restaurant owners. We hire master gardeners, hobby gardeners and beginning enthusiasts. Our passionate people are in stores most every day to assist customers and ensure our plants are fresh, full, and colorful, not only on the day the arrive but long after.

Locally Grown Plants


Flowers are delivered to The Home Depot from local farms and greenhouses.

Network growers add 65 acres of greenhouse production space to Bell operations, with limited investment. Network members are hands-on greenhouse owner operators with a vested interest in producing great plants. Growers are responsible for the quality of their crop, and sub-standard product is not accepted. Early on, some wondered if Bell could maintain plant quality while decentralizing its operations, but over the next decade, Network member’s personal commitment resulted in even higher quality plants.

Helping our Community


The company’s innovative and sustainable practices have challenged norms and changed the way business is conducted in the greenhouse industry. Its industry-leading programs like the Growers Network and dedicated in-store merchandising team have set the standard for greenhouse expansion and retail partnership.

Bell Nursery also gives back to the community and supports the future of horticulture in Maryland through collaboration with the University of Maryland and the Bob and Shirley Mangum Memorial Scholarship.

This has been a great job opportunity for me, it has allowed me to be a stay at home Mom while helping contribute to my family. It has taught my kids how to work hard, and that during the growing season, flowers always come first!

Kathy Abt , Dorchester County, Md.

Our children and their families are the next generation of Bell Network growers. We are looking forward to their continued success with Bell at our farm here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Stu and Linda Margery, Eastern Shore, Md.

We thoroughly enjoy working with the Bell team and are proud members of this unique Network.

Mike and Anne Buckler, St. Mary's County, Southern Md.

We were just ordinary people with ordinary jobs and four kids looking for something that would supplement our income and allow us more time to spend together.

Rusty and Brenda Biddle, Denton, Md.